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Quiz Week 19 (THEMED)

Themed week 1

This new blogger layout and interface is not good at all. Not as if the earlier one was good but the current version is much more uncomfortable. Anyway, this is a themed week, where the answers of each individual question are connected by a theme. Some of them may lead to the theme directly while you may have to do a little manipulation for a few. The names of those who get the theme within a week will have their names appearing at the end of the post due to which it is recommended you don't post as anon.
The answer has been posted below the post as a bulk.

1) In 1995, owner Abe Pollin announced he was changing the team's name because Bullets had acquired violent overtones that had made him increasingly uncomfortable over the years, particularly given the high homicide and crime rate in the early 1990s in Washington, D.C. The final straw was the assassination of his longtime friend, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. A contest was held to choose a new name for the team and the choices were narrowed to the Dragons, Express, Stallions, Sea Dogs, or ________.
The change generated some controversy because Washington is a predominantly African-American city and _______ is a rank in the Ku Klux Klan.
Fill up those blanks with the same word.

{main theme hint: nobody knows for sure which ____ but it is speculated that it is the scrivener and manuscript seller}

2) In 2006, anti-virus company Sophos discovered a computer worm known as "W32/Hoots-A", which sends a graphical image with the letters "O RLY?" to a print queue when it infects a Windows-based computer. The  image macro is based on a photo taken by nature photographer John White, which he posted to the newsgroup in 2001. According to White, the expression in the photo was due to the creature panting to cool off, similar to a dog.

What is the creature we are talking about?
{main theme hint: the birthday present}

3) This is a genus in the legume family and comprises of around 280 flowering plants. The yellow legume seeds of these plants, were popular with the Romans, who spread the plant's cultivation throughout the Roman Empire. Their name derives from a Latin word and was given with regard to the fact that many found that the plant has a tendency to ravage the land on which it grows. The peas, which appear after the flowering period, were also said to be fit only for the consumption of savage creatures. The beans beans are commonly sold in a salty solution in jars (like olives and pickles) and can be eaten with or without the skin.

Identify the genus.
{main theme hint : double meaning }

4) The plot is a light-hearted tribute to Al Jolson's film The Jazz Singer. The title and climax a song written by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg for the 1936 Warner Bros. feature-length film The Singing Kid. Identify what all this about and then, the name the lead character bills himself.
 {main theme hint: the jazz singer }

5) The origin of this phrase is  from the general custom in some cultures, of a warrior adding a new item to their head-gear for every enemy slain or in other cases from the custom of establishing the success of a hunter as being the first to bag a game bird. An example of the use of these can be found in the traditional cultures of the Meunitarris of Alberta; and the Mandan people (present-day North and South Dakota). Identify the phrase.
{main theme hint: the epidermal covering }

6) Identify the album which was later re released. The title track tells of a lover waiting all alone by the telephone for the object of their desire to call.

 {main theme hint: square root}

7) Consider an equilateral triangle ABC and let S be its incircle. Let AD be the median from A , D lying on BC. What is the resultant geometrical figure ?
{main theme hint: let B lie on the origin with C on the positive X axis and A in the first quadrant. }

Right. Thats all. Hope it wasn't too hard.

1) Wizards (the Washington Wizards is the team being spoken about.)
2) Snowy Owl of the O rly fame
3) These are called lupines. Lupines also means 'pertaining to or resembling the wolf; savage; ravenous; predatory.
4) OWL Jolson (in I wanna singa , that looney tunes cartoon where an owl sings and gets a cup from a bunny)
5) Feather in one's cap
6) ABBA's ring ring. They weren't known as ABBA yet.
7) The deathly hallows

The theme: Harry Potter book spines (the bloomsbury ones) .. This is the best picture I could find: THIS.
As far as the spine of the first book is concerned, nobody knows for sure who the wizard is. Some people suggest it is Flamel. Judge for yourself: HERE (the same guy in the spine)
For more info, read
So nobody got the theme but quite a few people got individual answers.


2 answers:

1)wizrads and that dude is flammelll???
2)you gave the ans...o rly,snowly owl
4)that looney tunes cartoon...cant remember title that owl sings some jazz song in that competition
5)feather in cap ... tooooooo easy
6)abba...dont know rest
7) ?

the connect = harry potter.

extremely tough was not able to find out,
though I am a extreme HP fan.
Good One

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