Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quiz Week 20

Answers May Be Given A Few Days From Now... Meanwhile Drop Down Your Answers...

1) It first had three of em pointing northwards like in the coat of arms of the Metropolitan Borough of Woolwich till the early 1920s. After 1922, there was only one and it pointed towards West. Since 2002, it is pointing Eastwards.  What is this about?

Answer: The Arsenal FC logo

2)  In 1841, C. J. Fritzsche showed that, by treating indigo with caustic potash, it yielded an oil, which he named ______ from the name of one of the indigo-yielding plants, which was named ultimately from the Sanskrit word for dark-blue. Identify the chemical.

Answer: Aniline (from Nilam, Anila)

3) Identify what's drawn. Who's artwork?

Answer: The Statue of Liberty by Gustav Eiffel

4) The guy in image 1 was the first to move towards East while the other guy fell down. Explain.

That one was pretty tough. You must probably ask your guardian for help.

Answer: Very hard one. These people were one across and one down in the first newspaper crossword of United Kingdom. In the first Manchester Guardian puzzle, one across, "One of our Elder Statesmen", was BALFOUR and one down, "The head of the Government", was BALDWIN.

5) This one's about a certain group that left me wonderstruck when I was young. I will tell you more about this when I give the answer a few days from now.
Connect LVC like (non exhaustive)

Answer: These are plays by The Temple of Fine Arts, Malaysia ...they aren't performing all that frequently now. Each of their plays is a masterpiece...really superb stuff. If I have to write about their perfectness, I'd have to be writing for days. Here is their website :

6) Identify whats in the box.

Answer: Keiko the orca that portrayed Free Willy

7) This question is contributed by K K Shashank.
X was a cousin of Adam Smith , the renowned philosopher and economist. He is said to have won a number of contracts to supply food and whiskey to the the Royal Navy. Hence the term meal man on his grave stone. X has been made really famous for a completely different reasons, in the world of literature. Id X and the character that was based on him.
This was written on X's grave stone. 

Answer: Ebenzer Lennox Scrooge. Dickens read 'meal man' as the 'mean man'. Surprised that someone was remembered for their meanness, Dickens used this name for the character.

8) And an arbit connect to finish off an arbit week.

Answer: Crystal Palace. First pic: Dinosaurs in crystal palace, 2nd: the ruins of Crystal Palace, 3rd: Crystal Palace FC, 4th: Robert Baden-Powell first noticed the interest of girls in Scouting while attending a Boy Scout meeting at Crystal Palace in 1909. This observation would later lead to the formation of Girl Guides, then Girl Scouts 5th: Infomart a building in Dallas, Texas modelled after the Crystal Palace.


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