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Quiz Week 4

1) This Goddess appeared in the dreams of a person who credited all his success to her. He claimed that he was merely a scribe to what the Goddess told him. Who?

Answer(Highlight To View):
 Srinivasa Ramanujam in whose dream Goddess Namagiri, the Goddess of Namakkal appeared.
For more info : Click Here

2) What 'record' do these creatures hold? [okay, the second edition of these]

Answer(Highlight To View):It is the official longest page in wiki,
I dare you Read through the entire article, here it is.

3) Connect this fellow with a Google Inc. product.
One more thing,this fellow is quite irritating,trust me.

Answer(Highlight To View):
this guy is Leonard McCoy ,yes the actor,jis famous dialog being,"He's Dead Jim!",
The Vid.,The Pic.

4) ____(A)____’s al-Shabaab group banned ______ (B)_____ sometime ago because they felt that it was too westernized and too anti-islam.
The extremist group in fact offered no official explanation for the ban, which are commonly cooked up and served across the Horn of Africa.
They refused to relax the ban even after being warned that more than a 100,000 people might have to die of starvation.

The reason for the ban is that (B) Resembles the holy trinity too much. (pictured below)
FI (A) & (B)

How I Wish (B) was my staple diet :D

Answer(Highlight To View):
Ze Samosa,the country  being Somalia.

5) Connect and explain.

This comes with a sorry to the non-Tamil makkal.

Answer(Highlight To View):
Thiruvilayadal ( Baliaah acts as the singer, Dr Balamurali Krishna sang the song ; Sivaji Ganesan acts as the singer of paatum naane while the original song was sung by T.M. Soundararajan.
Here's some more interesting Stuff related to this,
Tms was supposed to sing the oru naal podhuma and Balamurali was to sing paatum naane originally. Then Tms kicked up a fuss saying he doesnt want to lose even in a "competition" and even against siva peruman
So they hurriedly changed Balamurali to oru naal poduma, and changed the music of paatum naane to sing in 5 kattai = very loud, to suit TMS's voice

So here we have our first question where the answers is longer than the question :P
6) The first 3 to achieve what?

There are only two more people in the list of men to have achieved it. I am not sure if the 4th guy must be a part of the list but the 5th guy surely is.

Answer(Highlight To View): Nightwatchmen to score centuries, The Wiki Page.

7) The guy encircled, an industrialist and chemist, invited all great physicists and chemists of the world for a historic conference. Following the success of this conference, institutes started conducting such conferences every three years (there have been larger gaps though). A certain aniversary of this conference was (or still is being) celebrated with much grandeur across the world. As what?
And for brownie points, identify
i) the guy encircled and hence the name of such conferences
ii) All the men and woman

Answer(Highlight To View):
The conference was convened by Ernest Solvay , in Brussels in 1911. Its 100th anniversary 2011 was thus celebrated as the international year of chemistry.  Know more here. Some people think this is to commemorate Marie Curie's getting the 1911 Nobel. But this does not sound plausible since Marie Curie got the Nobel more than once. And even if Marie Curie hadn't got the 1911 Chemistry Nobel, somebody else would have got it. 


you have to be living on some other planet if you did not get this one.
Answer(Highlight To View):Muhuhahahaaa....
"Why This Kolaveri di??",

if you still do not get it,listen to the song again :\
PS: I still dont get what so good about the song,but yeah it is a viral vid and one can not debate that.

Yo Boys....(Here we go,the Vid)



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Hela Guyz, I am Hcish turand' Fromh UAE,gret seth of qusttns,,He'z ded Jimm
4.Soamila , Samoza
7.Zolvays Confrenc
8.Kholhaveri, i <3 thath songh, tho i cant comprhend it.

3 . Samosa
6 . Last one is Syed Kirmani. So, something to do with keeper dismissals?
7 . Ernest salvy (salvy or salvoy) - salvy conferences.
8. I don't know, but I'm sure that I still live in this planet.

yeah, and the first one is Tenali Raman, I guess.

1) Srinivasa Ramanujan.

3) "He's Dead, Jim! X(" error message on Chrome.

5) A)Ibrahim al Afghani B)Samosas

6) A century as a night watchman.

7) Not sure what the question asks for, but the main event is the Solvay Conference.

Q7.The Answer is Ernest Solvay and the conference is maybe "Quantum Theory"

Answer to Q.7 The person is Ernest Solvay and the Conference is 'Quantum Theory"

Q.4 Answer - (A) is Somalia And (B) is Samosa.........

The only answer I think I know is
4a) Somalia

For 1) I guess Kalidasi, who happens to be the only author in Sanskrit that I can think of, I'm afraid. The goddess with the black face is probably Kali. So that makes sense.

2) Maybe the highest selling game?

3) Is there some Google product called Bones?
That'll have to be my guess.

6) Their attire tells me they are cricketers. I guess they have each scored 100 centuries in test cricket.

7) i) Nobel?
7) ii) The second from the right looks like Einstein. Are the others also Nobel prize winners perhaps.

8) I did not find this so easy as you seem to think we should. I will take the "other planet" comment as a heavy hint. Are they all produced by the Mars corporation?

1. ramanujam
7. solvay confrence
leonard mccoy. connects with google chrome...error message..
the samosa was bannged

8.Kolaveri :DD
chrome,He's dead Jim
2.i think i know thism,
longest wiki arcticle,
ommfg keeps going on and on and on...
jobless assholes

1. Srinivasa Ramanujam Iyengar
3. "He's Dead Jim!" on Google Chrome.
4. Somalia and Samosas
7.Solvay Conferences.

Kolaveri Question Is Fucking Awesome,
hats off whoeva got that question here,
ananth,harish,or vidyacharan.
I would like to know who got that,and am sure that everyone else here also would wanna know it.

Hi GUys,
Am Dave from France,
Question on Kolaveri is uber cool,
Too Good.

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