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Quiz Week 5

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1) These are some of the works of one of the greatest caricaturists of all time. He did something once which became hugely popular and several of his works contained such gags. His caricatures were even used by the US Army to train bomber pilots.

Self Portrait
Now tell me what do the numbers beside his name in his signature indicate.

Answer : These are  Al Hirschfeld  caricatures and the numbers beside his name in his signature indicate how many times the name of his daughter, Nina, would appear  somewhere in the background.

2) LVC (long visual connect). Not exhaustive.

3)So what would connect these 4??
Van Gough’s Starry Starry night.
Chiyoaya Co operation.
A drawing  of clifton suspension bridge drawing.
An island called Santorini ,Greece

Answer: Google Reverse Image search. These are the 4 pictures that greeted the visitors. Removed for some reason now.

4)This motor sport which essentially comprises of a series of timed stunts done in a predetermined order owes its name eventually to the Hindi word meaning ‘Ball House’. What is this sport called?

Answer = Motorkhana

5)Kristina Rei has had 100 injections at a cost of £4,000 to inflate her lips to unnatural proportions after being bullied at school for her appearance.Kristina says her lips were too thin when she was 15 and hence the decision.

Kristina Rei, pictured here aged 15, became addicted to silicone lip implants after being bullied for her looks at school
She decided that big lips were the way to beauty and hence this happened.
Kristina Rei has had 100 injections costing £4,000 to inflate her lips to unnatural proportions

The big lips were a result of trying to look like someone.
The question is whom did she wanna resemble??

Answer = jessica rabbit

6) This is one of the biggest bloomers in advertising ever. Just tell me the caption that's blackened out.

Answer = Nothing sucks like an electrolux!

7) Which product was named in honour of the runner wearing 11?

Answer = Vibram fivefingers Bikila named after Bikila who won the 1960 Olympic marathon running barefoot.

8) A common myth is that the controls of X are inspired by the names of the inventors. The story goes like they invented X and gave the design to Y to use in his products. They wanted Y's products to contain their name on it. However Y did not want to do that and offered them millions of dollars to NOT have their names on his product. These inventors were not happy. So that was when Y came up with the idea of naming the controls of X after their names.
However the truth is that X was invented much later by another company, who used it in their own products. What is X? Who is Y, who featured in that story?
There were 4 bros..lowel, max, hiram and norman Goldberg. invented car AC.
gave design to Ford..he offered 3million dollars
they said they want 2 million but their name has to be put on the car..The Goldberg AC or something, which ford did not agree
so he gave them 4million and he named the controls as HI, NORM, LOW and MAX


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Question-6) The Seven wonders of the World?

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1. These are Al Hirschfeld's caricatures. Numbers beside his name in his signature indicate how many times the name of his daughter Nina can be found hidden somewhere in the drawing.

1. These are Al Hirschveld's caricatures and the numbers beside his name in his signature indicate how many times would appear the name of his daughter, Nina, somewhere in the background.
2. Computers: Apple, Franklin, Linux,Dart,Kappa, Gandalf, Casper.
3. Blue: Van Gogh (China) blue, Santorini blue, Bristol blue and the blue eyes of the geisha Chiyo.
5. Jessica Rabbit
6. "Nothing sucks like an Electrolux"
7. This is Abebe Bikila and the product is Vibram's "Bikila" model of FiveFingers shoes.

1.The person is Al herschfeld...
The number next to his signature indicates how many Ninas(Nina was his daughter) are worked into the cross-hatching ad scrolly curlicues out of which he fashions his striking likenesses of stars of stage, screen, music, television and politics.

2. Names of different technology based companies.

4. MotorKhana.... Or Gymkhana from Gendkhana

3. They are images found in The Google homepage.......

#1 is Al Hirschfeld and Nina.
#2 I get as far as "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"

2.Claw Cheats's image search
it is not here anymore.
6.i can notice tht he is bare footed so something related tothat , i dont feel like googling so a guess,
bah i dont know some nike\adidas\puma\reebok shoe name.
5.4gt the name but srly 4m the betty movie.
damn 4gt th ename.

A Little too difficult if you call it so,
I will ask my friends to attempt it as well.
good Show Guys.

Awe some set of guys,
can i use them in my quiz???
please say yes....

7.Vibram's "Bikila" model of FiveFingers shoes.

i ll try the uncracked ones, 8- y:form , its the hi, low, max and norm thing in fors AC right?

you have got quite a following in my Class (that should mean i am teacher,right),and keep going.

George here,
how can i contact you all??

Hi George You Can Find me on fb,
or just click on my profile on the sidebar or on the contact us bar,
And send me a Message.

question 8 sucks. its an urban legend.

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