Thursday, January 12, 2012

Quiz Week 9

Answers Will Be Given Next Week... Meanwhile Drop Down Your Answers... PS: DON'T POST YOUR ANSWERS AS ANON

1) Extremely simple question,so do not use google for this one alone.

  The band was originally conceived by Jimmy Page and Chris Dreja after their original group, the Yardbirds, broke up so Page and Dreja put together a new band called the "New Yardbirds" to fulfill the commitment.
  This band consisted of Page on guitar, bass player John Paul Jones, drummer John Bonham, and a then-unknown vocalist by the name of Robert Plant.
  After playing the Scandavian shows, the group decided to change its name. Referring to the group's membership, Keith Moon( of ‘The Who’) had said, "With that lineup, you'll go down like a X.“
  The band decided to drop the letter 'A' from the first word to ensure that the word was pronounced “____" and not “_____“.

X pls.

2)A random Trivial fact made into a question,but very workable indeed,

As we all know,Sir Robert Badenn Powel started the Scouting and Guiding Association long ago in the Brown Sea Island.
When he passed there were other Guys who took on the prestigious post of the world Leader of the Scouts and Guides.
The Post is currently held by a Great and Fine young Man(I'm Truely a fan of his),
the youngest to hold this post,
also the youngest Brit to Scale Mt.Everest.
This Guy is truely popular round the Globe,and according to Wiki,known atleast to 1.5 Billion ppl.
His Peculiar Food Habits and his famous antics see him made fun of,
You really should have got it by now.

3) Two unrelated questions.
i) In ancient Rome, there used to be there kiosks at the intersection of three roads to provide information to travelers (but they were most often ignored). This is the most accepted etymology of which word in English?

ii) There are some places that lie exactly on the border of three different states i.e. point of intersection of the boundaries of three states. What are such  places called?

{9th week, 3rd question, get it no?}

4) What connects A and B?


5) The colour of this ship was invented by X who served the British Royal Navy during World War 2. He noticed that a certain ship of this mauve-grey colour had disappeared from view during dawn. He realized that he could camouflage ships quite efficiently, especially when the sun was nearer the horizon and thus had an entire fleet painted this colour.
X later held the post of the First Sea Lord. He was assassinated by the Provisional Irish Republic Army when the IRA planted a bomb in his fishing boat. 
Identify Admiral X and the colour.
the colour of the hull

6) This was probably one of the first broadcasting that was strong enough to leave the planet. Though the picture clarity wasn't all that good, it was strong and reached most of Earth and hence must have traveled quite a bit beyond the atmosphere. So, if ever aliens were tuning in, this guy would probably be the first human they would see. 
So basically, what did the broadcast contain? 

7) Swamiye Sharanam Aiyyappa...
Hariharasanam is Yesudas' masterpiece. One of the reasons this song is so popular apart from superb lyrics and tune and KJY's heartfelt rendition is the percussion, the mridangam especially. Who plays the mridangam?

8)This car's brand name in English denotes a sport but is actually derived from the German name for a warm, swift Atlantic ocean current.
In the U.S and Canada, the car is sold as 'Rabbit' and is one of the world's largest selling cars. Name the model and the brand.


1) Sitter indeed,It was to be Lead Like a Zepplin,then Became Lead Zepplin ,but then they feared wrong pronounciation and changed it to Led Zepplin.
2) Bear Grylls \m/
3) i) The word is Trivia 
   ii) Tri State Area (remember hearing this in Phineas and Ferb ?)
44) The Trans Siberian Railway connects (literally) Moscow and Vladivostok. Those are the railway stations of the two cities.
5) Mountbatten Pink...named after Louis Mountbatten
6) Hitler's speech at the 1936 Olympics. There is a mention of this in the movie Contact and the Carl Sagan book with the same name. 
Watch  for the scene in the movie
7) T V Gopalakrishnan
8) Volswagen Golf
NFS Yeah!!


9 answers:

1. Led Zeppelin
2. Bear Grylls
3. Trivia
4. ???
5. Mountbatten Pink
6. Hitler, as seen in the movie "Contact"
7. ???
8. VW Golf

1.Led Zeppplin
2.Bear Grylls <3
Tri state area
VW Golf

1.Led Zepplin
2.Bear Grylls <3
tri-state area
VW Golf

1.Led Zepplin,
Was initialy to be Lead like a Zepplin
and then page dropped the 'a'.
8.Volswagon Golf

2)Bear Grylls B| ,5)Louis Mountbatten,8)Volkswagen

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