Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Quiz Week 10

Answers Will Be Given Next Week... Meanwhile Drop Down Your Answers... PS: DON'T POST YOUR ANSWERS AS ANON

1)Whose Statue??
Take a good look at the armour ,I am sure it will help.

2) Someone was supposed to turn up but couldn't. So this lady substituted her. As what?
What was arranged when someone
else couldn't make it ?

3) A was an industrialist and Indian freedom fighter who started a famous company in the 1930s. His grandson B heads the company now. 
B's name was suggested by Nehru. But this disappointed C who wanted to name his/her son as B. 
C named his/her first son as D and second son as E. 
B named his first son D and the name of his second son sounds a lot like E. 
D named his son as B.
Solve for A to E. 

4) This image shows two native women of an island in the Atlantic wearing their national dress. Its name is derived from the cloth that is used to make the fabric. One feature of this cloth is that its front and back are indistinguishable. The cloth is named after a city. The city was probably named after a fishing village or an Islamic school.  
Identify the the national dress and the country. 
What is this dress called?

5) A connect.

6) What do you call a man protesting or advertising this way?

7) Look who has just fallen into the abyss with this question...Aditthya Ramakrishnan !

Identify the man in the foreground. 
the guy in left is Tesla

Week 10 
Kudos to anyone who got this,
I Know you are just as big a fan of Age Of Empires as I am If you have got this Correct,
(Well not necessarily but most probably),
He is Admiral Yi-Sun-Shin,
The Great Korean Naval Commander,who first built the famed Turtle Ships of Korea to war against the Japanese.
A Truely great Commander....Click Here for a Better Idea,
And I Do Recommed Age Of Empires To All of you out there :)
2) Whistler's mother (officially, 'Arrangement in grey and black no 1'), the painting by Whistler. 
Remember this ? That painting only. 
A=Janmalal Bajaj
C=Indira Gandhi
4) Madras , the national dress of Saint Lucia. Don't believe me....look at this
5) Looney Tunes characters inspirations 
6) Sandwich man
7) Mark Twain


2 answers:

1. Kublai Khan?
3. a JRD Tata
b Ratan Tata
7. Mark Twain

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