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Quiz Week 7

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1)“When the Spanish arrived in America and ultimately conquered the Aztecs, they erected Christian churches on top of the pyramids.
Eventually their whole colonial city was built over the Aztec one. In the 20th century, many colonial buildings were demolished and modern structures raised on the existing historic foundations.
The __________  will uncover our roots.”
 -Estaban, a Mexican visionary and architect.
The stunning ___________ in the middle of Mexico City is designed to get around height limits on new buildings in the capital.(There is a rule over there according to which no buiding can exceed more than 6 or 7 storeys)
This is where it is to be built.

          1) Earthscrapers !                 
2) Identify the caricaturist and the subject of the caricature. 
2) Trichy Shankaran who was conferred the title of Sangitha Kalanidhi this season

3) Here are photos of three different people when they were younger than what they are now. Connect the three. Hard.

The young girl. Not the Swamiji.
3) Hema Malini, Trisha and Sudha Raghunathan are the brand ambassadors of Pothys
4) This Brazilian football club is named after an explorer who ventured no where near Brazil nor had anything to do with football. Who is it named after and why?

4) Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama was initially a rowing club founded by a group of Portugese. It was the 400th year of Vasco Da Gama's historic sailing to India and hence the name
5) An easy one to go along with Quiz Abyss' first video question.
Identify the lecturer in this video.

5) Dr Sengai Podhuvan

6) The mathematics version of Rajinikanth I guess....Rajinikanth is all this during his sleep.

“Uncountably Infinite” was a phrase coined to explain the intelligence of X.
X can get to the other side of a Möbius strip.
X actually disproved the clause: "X cannot prove that this clause is true".
X knows the real value of log(-1)
When X breaks a magnet he ends up with two monopoles
X can understand income tax.
X once created an axiomatic system that was both consistent and complete
And so on...Just tell me who is X. Actually X is only a subset of Srinivasa Ramanujam. Some of Ramanujam's works are so awesome that Rajinikanth would actually have to think for 10 seconds before declaring it obvious.

6) Gauss. Do visit 

7)A simple question ,nevertheless a nice question
The London, Brighton and South Coast Railway E2 Class ,was a class of 0-6-0T steam locomotives designed by Lawson Billinton, intended for shunting and short distance freight trains.

Though it was retired long ago, as a result of the association with the __________this minor class of tank locomotives rank as one of the best known steam locomotive classes of all time.

7) Thomas the tank engine
8) The first cricketer to have done what?

Will provide a hint to this if no one gets this in the next 3 or 4 days.

8) Adam Parore , the first cricketer to climb Mount Everest 


19 answers:

1)Earth-scraper, Going to be build into the earth, as depth is not a limitting factor!
2)Trichy Sankaran - Subject, Artist : RK Lakshman?
3)Hema Malini, Trisha, Sudha Ragunathan. Present at the Pothy's Silk Expo(?) :P XD
4)Club dr Regatas Vasco da Gama. Founded by portuguese immigrants in brazil, hence gave the portuguese sailor's name?
7)Thomas, the tank engine! :D :P
8)Adam Parore, First cricketer to summit Mount Everest

8) Adam Parore, the first cricketer to climb Mt. Everest.

Hi this is Prithvi from Ps Senior

1) Skyscraper..... They're planning to build an upside down skyscraper because they cannot build more than 7 storeys over ground.

2)R.K Lakshman?? Wild guess

3) Dunno

4) It is Vasco Da Gama. Think they named it so because the portugese had founded it when they had conquered Brazil

5) Dr. Senghai Podhuvan referred to Wiki for his name

6) G Hardy

7)Thomas the tank engine

8) Adam Parore He climbed Mt.Everest

Question 7) Ummmm I think its Thomas the tank engine now

1. Earthscraper - and I think the name of the architect is not Estaban, but Esteban Suarez.
4.Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama - the club is founded by Portugese immigrants and that explains the name.
7. This must be the blue Thomas the Tank Engine :) - Thomas has origins in the E2 Class, designed by Lawson Billinton in 1913.

4. Vasco Da Gama.... It was actually before named as a Boating Club and later on it beacame a football club!!

1)Earthscraper, Upside down pyramid. Building upside down pyramids underground to get around the height restriction. Irony, irony.

2)Keshav,Trichy Sankaran

3)Hema Malini, Sudha Raghunathan and Trisha were all present at the Pothys silk saree expo last year.

4)Vasco Da Gama, inspired by the 4th centenary of the first sail from Europe to India.


7)Cartoon character Thomas the Tank Engine.

8)Adam Parore was the first cricketer to climb Mt.Everest.

1. Earthscraper at Zocalo.
2. Keshav's caricature of Trichy Sankaran
3. Pothy's brand ambassadors, Hema Malini, Trisha and Sudha Raghunathan
4. Vasco Da Gama rowing club, named so to commemorate his achievement.
5. No idea
6. No idea
7. Hollywood westerns
8. Adam Parore - What are you looking for? Highest ODI score of 96 without boundaries or that he climbed Mount Everest.

4.Inspired by the celebrations of the 4th centenary of the first sail from Europe to India, the founders chose the name of the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama to baptise the new club.the club was started by portegese immigrants.
3.hema malini,trisha,sudha ragunathan.
they are famous celebraties o tamil nadu.hema and trisha are actors,
while sudha ragunathan is a classical singer.
8.He was the first Māori to represent New Zealand in cricket.
The Māori are the native or indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand.

1. easy one - sokalo square and the earthscraper..
2. trichy sankuran.. don't know the artist (bal thackeray possibly)
3. hema malini, sridevi? and sudha ranganathan.. all south indian artists, although sudha is a singer.. bharat natyam?
4.vasco de gama probably.. dont know name of club or what CR stands for
5. no idea - but he looks a lot like that guy on the wikipedia banner asking for money
6. huh?
7.Thomas, from thomas and friends
8.Adam Parore - climbed everest recently

1) earthscraper
4) vascoda gama
5) i forget his name, sengur podhuvan or somethng, tht personal appeal tht came on wikipedia ryt?
6)carl friedrich gauss
7)thomas the train engine
8)tio climb mt everest?

that question on Thomas the tank engine was asked at the IIT M OQ :)

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