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Quiz Week 8

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1. A nice and simple way to start the first set of 2012.
Baseball diamonds are historically laid out with home plate on the western side of the field, so that the afternoon sun would not be in batters' eyes. As a result, a left-handed hurler's throwing hand would be on the ______ side of his body when on the mound. This gave birth to a famous sporting term. The term please. 

straight ahead is West

1) Southpaw

2. What was named as a pun on the scientific name of this wild creature?

2)Sylvester from looney tunes - from Felis silvestris , the scientific name for the wild cat.

3.Street food has been around in India for quite some time, from the mid 19th century. 
During the 1860's a certain event in another nation led to a few rivers being blocked, which in turn affected the supply chain of a certain commodity which they imported from another nation, which was the leading exporter. Even the manufacturing had stopped in that nation because of this. So, Gujarati traders here took advantage of the opportunity and started working late at night in accordance to the international market and sell their goods. By that time, the traders were hungry and had nothing to eat, and everyone at home would be asleep. That is when the street food vendors came up with something to feed these hungry people and make more money as well, because they were basically using the leftover veggies. What did they do? (Well the situation still is the same now. These people still use only leftovers to make it :P) 

3) Pav Bhajji ! Source : this

4) Connect the places marked on the map. Although this was done hastily, all of the places are marked fairly accurately.

5) Crackers like these are often refered to as X ( atleast in several Western countries) . The word X is also a term in Harry Potter, Star Wars and American football. Anyway, when moisture develops on the tubelike things in an X, these firecrackers dont explode properly.
This is the origin of a certain cliche...which one?

Standard Fireworks crackers are awesome
...but there are some crackers of other companies
which don't burst after contact with moisture
5) Damp squib

6) What does Calvin say? Whom does he quote?

6) "Because its there" -  'the most famous three words in mountaineering' which was uttered by George Mallory when asked why he wanted to climb Everest.

7) This week's hard connect. A hint if no one gets this in the next 4 days.

This picture is just to complete the list
and is not as specific as the first two

7) A Big Sorry to the Non-Indians.  Nonsense. Carnatic music has a worldwide fanatic following.
. Muthuswamy Dikshithar was named after Muthukumaraswamy of Vaitheeshwaran Kovil.
Saint Thyagaraja was named after Thyagaraja, the main deity of Thiruvarur.
Shyama Krishna was the nickname given to Shyama Shastri. 
So the connect would be the naming of the Trinity,

8) X is theorized to serve one or more of the following functions :

  • altering and providing buoyancy 
  • focusing sound waves 
  • provide protection to the snout

X was initially mistaken to be something else which gave Y (which uses X for the above functions) its name. Humans use X in cosmetics,ointments and lubricants.

Serve us with the name of the mammal Y and if you can, X.

8)The animal is the Sperm Whale and X is spermaceti which was mistaken as sperm. 
Ambergris is different. 

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10 answers:

Awesome set this week.
1) southpaw
2) sylvester from looney tunes
3) pav bhajji
4) dunno
5) damp squib
6) dont know
7) need hint
8) sperm whale

wait...i just saw the labels (tags) and i think i got one more. those tags provide subtle hints.

i think 4 is 'The Hindu'...where and all it is printed. super question.

5. Filibuster
8. Whale, Sperm

1. South Paw
2. Sylvester the Cat
3. no idea - vada pao, or pao bhajji?
5. Damp Squib
6. "Because it's there" - edmund hillary or the south pole guy
7. Sri Ram in many cultures? wild guess
8. Whale & Blubber

Here's the hint for question 7.
The first two deities are very specific. The third one has two words which roughly mean the same thing - 'dark' or 'black'.
Hint for image 1: Mars
Hint for image 2: Valluvar Kottam
And notice that there are exactly three elements to connect

1. Southpaw
2. Felix felicis
5. Damp Squib - Squib from HP
6. Because it's there! - George Mallory
8. Sperm Whale and Ambergris

1. Southpaw
2. Felix felicis
5. Damp Squib - Squib from HP
6. Because it's there! - George Mallory
8. Sperm Whale and Ambergris

i'm expecting everything else to have been answered. Here's my try at 7. Is it the carnatic music trinity?
Thyagarajaswamy in Thiruvarur inspired the name of Saint Thyagaraja.
the hints helped a lot

1) must be "out of left field".
3) I'm not sure I understand this question, but I will guess that the event of the 1860s might be the American Civil War. That led to a shortage of cotton, so the foodstuff might be what the Americans call "cotton candy" and we Brits call "candy floss". I will be amazed if that is right.
5)Must be "damp squib".
6) "Because it's there." which is what Mallory said when asked why he wanted to climb Mount Everest.
8)X = ambergris Y = whale

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