Monday, February 27, 2012

Quiz Week 15

A few announcements first...
During my class 10 board exams, I remember spending a considerable amount of time making questions for my daily sports quiz. Since I did somewhat well in those exams, I will probably make a few questions this time around too...but won't spend too much time .

 Aadithya was supposed to prepare this week's set and he began well, but it looks like he's busy. I hope he completes that set.

And most importantly, this blog has done something in 13 or 14 weeks that some dude named Sachin Tendulkar has not been able to achieve in about a year... We've hit a century of questions!
So hurrahs ! 

1) Sometime in the 13th century, when the Indian poet and singer Amir Khursaro was playing the Pakhawaj pretty hard, it broke into two. He picked up the two pieces and continued playing. He went on to explain that it 'spoke even when it was broken'. One of the several theories for the origin of what?

2) This lady did something in 1942 that prompted a new rule to be created. 

These two men did quite the opposite of what she did.

What was the rule?

3)  This Iron Maiden concert is in a cultural center in Bali. This 11 storey entertainment complex was supposed to be surmounted by something which if completed would be the largest of its kind in the world. The project came under criticism because a few groups beleived that it would destroy the harmony in the island. Tell me the name of the complex.
What you can see there now

4) What did he introduce during the Crimean war so that his soldiers felt warm ?

5) Could not find the video...anyway, these two speeches started something called the yngwen re in China. So, what is yngwen re

6) This Australian singer was named after the city she was born in. After every performance in London, she would come to the Ritz hotel (or is it the Savoy Hotel?) for dinner. A french chef invented something new for her and named it after her. What did he create?

7) These are witty statements which convey a lot of meaning with just few words. They probably get their name from this famous example :
Philip of Macedon: "If I enter _________ , I shall raze Sparta to the ground."
Ephor the Spartan: "If."
There are plenty of other examples of these in history. What are these called?

8) These two videos depict a certain new year's eve Buddhist tradition that is popular is Japan. A bell is rung 108 times to chase the 108 temptations in order to achieve Nirvana. But X couldn't resist the temptations and was bound to a stone. So, identify the creature X (anime).

1) Tabla
2) longest oscar speech (approx 7 minutes) which prompted a 45 seconds limit.
3) garuda wisnu kencana
4) Cardigan
5) urge to learn English
6) peach melba
7) Laconic
8) Spiritomb


7 answers:

1 tabla
4 cardigan
5 english fever
6 melba sauce??

1. Tabla (it broke in two parts)
4. Balaclava
5. Engrisu person?
6. Peach Melba (ice cream was only a minor part so even singers could eat it)
7.Laconic (from Laconia)
8. Spiritomb (Gawd that thing was hard to beat in Pokemon ranger.)

1. Tabla
2. Greer Garson longest Oscar acceptance speech of more than 5 minutes. Alfred Hitchcock gave of around 30 secs which is the shortest
3. Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK)
4. Cardigan was invented
5. "English Fever"
6. Nellie Melba; Peach Melba was invented
7. Laconic

1. Tabla
2. Dunno
3. Dunno
4. Cardigan Underwear
5. Dunno
6. Peach Melba?
7. meme?
8. Spiritomb- Pokemon

btw u have hit 1 century and Sachin has hit 99. so you still have 9800 questions to go before you can say you have surpassed Sachin

prithvi or whoever, the blogauthors just claimed to have hit a century in recent few months while sachin couldnt
They never claimed to have surpassed master blasster sachin
But Sachin now has hit the century .... at last!

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