Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Quiz Week 13

Answers May Be Given Next Week... Meanwhile Drop Down Your Answers... PS: DON'T POST YOUR ANSWERS AS ANON

This week's questions are mostly from the prelims of the rather boring kurukshetra open quiz. Though the questions were superb and of a high standard, a boring auditorium and a visibly tired quizmaster made even guys at the first row fall asleep. Also, the quiz started at about the time it was scheduled to end...
So here's whatever we could remember from that evening.

1) You must have probably heard of the BRIC economies. Economists like Robert Ward are of the opinion that the next set of emerging economies are South Africa, Turkey, Vietnam, Indonesia, Colombia and Egypt. The economies that are part of this group are considered to be very promising because they have reasonably sophisticated financial systems, controlled inflation, and a soaring young population. By what term are these economies collectively referred to as?

2) Who got his Nobel prize for this contribution?
all right, I confess...I am feeling very lazy

3) This part of the brain is named after the creature. What is its name?

on the left is the part of the brain

4) This is a board game called 'You're hired' . A certain trademarking attempt was denied in 2004 because of it. What was trademark attempt for? (I think the question was something along these lines)

5) 1 star  = "worth a stop",
    2 stars = "take a detour,"
    3 stars = "justifies specific dedicated journey". 
What are all these?

6) Disinterested to blacken out. This phenomenon that this cartoon parodies is probably the best explanation to whose charisma?
(I don't think this is how the question was...it was framed in such a way that it was pretty hard ; only guy in the entire hall knew the answer).

7) In the summer of 1981, Mark Ellingham, just graduated from Bristol University, was travelling around Greece and couldn’t find a guidebook that remotely met his needs. It was here that he met Martin Dunford, who was in Greece teaching English at the time. On their return to the UK, in a bid to avoid getting ‘real jobs’, Mark, Martin and a small group of writers set about creating their own guidebook series; a series that aimed to combine a journalistic approach to description with a practical approach to travellers’ needs.
What began thus?

8) Why did this sandwich shop and cafe suddenly witness a huge surge in popularity in 2010?

9) These were powerful bombs that were used in Vietnam and Afghanistan.The nickname given to the nose or the entire bomb itself is also a cricket term. What?

10) X, who died in 1976 is said to have made more profit out of murder than any other woman since Y.  Identify X and Y.

Part 2 should be up shortly.


3 answers:

3. Hippocampus
5. just a guess... Hotels stars.. Like 5star hotel....
7. Rough's Guide

3. Hippocampus
5. Michelin Stars (Thanks Masterchef :D )
7. Hitchhiker's Guide to Europe?
8. Sherlock FTW
10. Agatha Christie and Cleopatra?

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