Friday, February 3, 2012

Quiz week 12

Many of these week's questions are based on contributions.

1) When X was busy attending to his parents, a visitor knocked at his door. X told the visitor that he was busy attending to his parents. He threw a brick and asked the visitor to stand on the brick and wait for him. And that's how the visitor got his name.
Identify the visitor and X.

Answer: The visitor was Panduranga Vittala. Pundalika (X) told him to 'Vittal'  (wait here in Marathi)

2) Connect

Answer: Sunrise : the Elvis album, MK Kalaignar Karunanidhi and Hitachi which literally means sunrise. 

3) The making of this Tamil movie involved transporting huge chariots from Chennai to Kurukshetra in Haryana. The war scenes had real soldiers from the Indian army charging on horseback and on the back of elephants. Name this movie which starred two of South India's greatest heroes.
Answer: Karnan(1963)

4) Connect

No one in specific in the third picture.

Answer: Barbie's friends who were introduced to keep with the times - a Hispanic, Baywatch and an African American.

5) Connect.

Answer = These are what Steve Jobs and Wozniak mortgaged to start Apple - a Volksvagen van and a programmable calculator respectively.

6) Which historic battle was fought on this narrow coastal pass, whose name literally means 'the hot gates' ?

where the road is was where the coastline was

Answer = Thermopylae, where the Battle of Thermopylae was fought. This battle, as you know was the inspiration for movies like 300 and the 300 spartans.

7) Connect. Or rather, who is missing?

Answer: A R Rahman. A relatie of these legends appeared in the ads for Union Bank of India which had the slogan 'Your dreams are not yours alone'.

8) This Biblical incident is the origin of which phrase?

Answer = Passing the mantle.


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