Sunday, April 22, 2012

Quiz Week 21

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1) The seven Rishis (Sapta Rishis) became quite proud because they believed that they were extremely pious people and they were always detached because of their penance. Their wives had the idea that there were no women more virtuous than they, and there could be no wives so loyal as they were. Such pride would be inexcusable in anyone, and for sages and their wives to have such pride was unthinkable. So Shiva and Vishnu decided to teach them a lesson. Shiva took the form of a Bikshandar while Vishnu came as Mohini.
Now, the sages took a look at Mohini's beauty and forgot themselves, and about their penance.
As for their wives, the moment Siva as Bikshandar made His appearance before them, they too began to admire His good looks, forgetting that they had not so long ago claimed that they were among the most virtuous in the land!
But among the sages, X was not tempted by Mohini. And among the women, Y, the wife of X was not tempted by Bikshandar.
Due to this Y was given an exalted position, beside X.
 i Where?
This is the story behind a certain marriage ritual.
 ii Which?

2) The guy standing next to MJ is a mystic and psychic who claims that he is doing the stuff he does by using actual psychic powers. Now this guy tried to sue Nintendo over a certain pokemon.
He claimed that the pokemon was an unauthorised appropriation of his identity The katakana for the character's name, ユンゲラー, is visually similar to the transliteration of this psychic's own name into Japanese (ユリゲラー). He is quoted as saying: "Nintendo turned me into an evil, occult Pokémon character. Nintendo stole my identity by using my name and my signature image." The lawsuit was thrown out of court.
Identify the pokemon and this dude.
guy on left

3) Explain  (apologies to the non Madras fellows )
how this guy
this guy

became a barber  because of this (and local Tamils) :