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Quiz Week 2.

1) These are two songs written by two different Carnatic music composers, both set to raaga Malavi. One of them is famous and I have provided a link to the song. The other ain't all that famous. I wanted to sing and attach my version but then decided to spare you guys. Now you must basically tell me what important evidence do these two songs give to anyone studying Carnatic music composers.

Song 2:
Saranu, saranu surendra vandita
Saranu srisati sevita
Saranu parvati tanaya
Maruti saranu siddhi vinayaka!

Answer(highlight to view): The first is a song by Annamacharya (you can see his name in the link) and the second is by Purandaradasa. Purandaradasa and Annamacharya were contemporaries. The lyrics and tune are very very similar and thus is evidence that Purandaradasa and Annamacharya met.

2)A Saucer full of Secrets
•In Europe, the working middle class man would often miss his lunch/afternoon meal at home.
•On returning back from work in the early evening, he would sit on the main table of his house, rather than the parlor or the sitting room, which would be used during the afternoons
•The main tables of the house were much taller than the parlor or sitting room tables.
•How do we remember these apparently insignificant differences?
Answer(highlight to view):High  Tea and Low tea :))
3) This one must be easy. How did these two impact cricket?

Answer(highlight to view): Bosman and Kolpak,
It is because of these Guys ,that you see so many South Africans in the English Domestic Cricket sides. More here.
More Info Just Google the names

4) Xs are fictional fruits that are round and red. They can be obtained on only one night of the whole year, a night when the moon briefly resembles a X. Though the name X sounds like a product of tech company, they are unrelated. X = ?
Answer(highlight to view): Googleberry ,from Noddy. Watch the episode here.

5) This is a photo taken just after an unforgettable Olympic moment . Who is this guy? What happened? 
Answer(highlight to view) : Steven Bradbury ,He won the Gold in 2002 winter olympics after all the other racers fell down, I think this happened to him in the semis as well when 2 people from the top 3 were DQ'ed.  His wiki page is here.
This Should Give you all a better idea and a good laugh as well
6) X was flying over Venezuela while looking for a valuable ore bed in this plane when he discovered something that was named in honour of him. Identify X. 
Who flew this plane over Venezuela?
Answer (Highlight to view): Jimmie Angel ,thus Angel Falls


12 answers:

Good thing you allow a little amount of googling. Tineye is bad but googling requires brains.
Maintain the standard.

5. Bradbury. winning by fluke in olympics
6. Angel falls

2.High Tea And Loww Tea ?? :P
Last Q
Angel=angel falls?
4.Google Berry

4.googleberry ,Noddy
5.That fellow won by chance when the rest fell down
6.Angel fals
2.High Tea And Low tea ??
(Awesome Question If Correct)

3.Got cricket to Scotland??
2.Low tea and high tea...
Just guessing though
5.Google berries , Freom "Make way for Noddy" :P

2.High Tea and Low Tea ??
4.Oh cmn gglberry frm noddy.
this question possed me off >:|
5.Forgt the name but he won by fluke after the rest of the people feel down,6.Angel and aangel falls

1. First compositions sung on Lord Ganesha?
2. This practice lead to the meal being called "High tea"
3. Bosman free transfers? (But I thought that was only for football)
5. Steven Bradbury. When he was racing, all the other competitors slipped and fell off track. So he just won the gold by default.

5.that guy won by fluke
2.high tea
1. 1st songs to have mudra

Looks All too easy ,once the answers have been posted :)

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Tarun, thank you for your interest,
and no we do not have a FB page as yet,
once we do we will tell you guys about it here.

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