Monday, November 14, 2011

Quiz Week 1

Here it is... <drumroll> The first set  

1) The playful Ganesha, once swallowed the Sudarshana Chakra of Vishnu. Vishnu begged Ganesha to return the Chakra but Ganesha would not oblige. So Vishnu started trying all sorts of things to get the Chakra out. In the process, he performed the _______. This provoked such a laughter in Ganpati he ejected the Sudarshan chakra out of his mouth. Now what did Vishnu do?
Ans(Highlight to view): Thopukaranam. ie, Holding your opposite ears with your hands and doing sit-ups. Also see this thing, Super Brain Yoga.

2) Many years ago, an organisation, which had only about 500 employees then, wanted to set up an office in another country. The owners met the President of that nation, who said he was not happy with the services of that organisation. He complained that he could not use his mother tongue and had to use only Englees.
What did this lead to? Which company? Which country? Who was the president?

Ans:(Highlight to view)Google is the company. India is the country, and Dr.Abdul Kalam is the president :-)
When Larry and Sergey approached Kalam, he told them that google does not allow him to type in Tamil. That is when they started developing Google Search in many Indian and Foreign languages like Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic etc. (Source: An old article on Outlook by a senior Google employee)

3) Funda.

(Highlight to view)  Tribute to Bill Wetterson's Calvin and Hobbes. This cartoon in specific.

4) The curious case of X, a man from Uttar Pradesh, unlike his name suggests, is something very interesting. He was denied a bank loan due to a certain reason, which anyone might find shocking. On inquiring more about it, he found out that there were a 100 more people in the same situation, along with whom he started an association for such people. He had to fight in the court for 18years to prove his case. He also added another word to his surname, which was also the name of the association he started. He has contested in the Parliamentary elections and won an IgNobel award posthumously for his services. Who is that man? What happened?

Ans: (Highlight to view)Lal Bihari. As per official records, he was Dead. He found that there were more people like him in the same situation. He started the Mritak Sangh, Committee of Dead people. Read more here

5) X are a group of people native to South America. Though we call them by some name, they refer to themselves by a word that means 'Running People'. They have a very high endurance and can run over 200km in one stretch. They are perfect examples to show that human bodies are high endurance machines. They even organise regular running competitions within their community, in which people would have to run anywhere between 160-200km. They however don't participate in the Olympics, maybe because they are not aware. It might not be a great question but i [vidyacharan] found these people interesting.
Ans:(Highlight to view) Tarahamura people


12 answers:

Okay the last one, is it Apache?

1Thoppukaranam( had to google the name) Vishnu basically held his ears and then did a sit-up.
3. Calvin and Hobbes
4. Lal Bihari Mritak. He was official dead. His uncle bribed a government official to register him dead so he got his property or something. Big issue this was in the early 1990's.

is the 1st question answer "thoppu karnam" or holding your ears with opposite hands and bowing down?

1. Thopukarnam :P
3. Global warming... :)
4. Lal Bihari... LOL
5. Tarahumara :D


4. that guy was recorded dead as his uncle bribed the village officers to do so for his land

When the Hell are you guys giving out the answers ;\
eagerly awaiting for it

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