Saturday, June 2, 2012

Quiz week 24.

Answers Will Be Given Next Week... Meanwhile Drop Down Your Answers... PS: DON'T POST YOUR ANSWERS AS ANON

dont know how long this blog will survive.

1) Connect

2) Connect

3) What's special about this wedding between US president Grover Cleveland and Frances Folsom

4) The first week of June in 1984 was a tragic period in our country's history. It is regarded as the greatest massacre since the brutal ways of  Ahmad Shah Durrani (in pic) in 1762 by the members of the affected religion. Which holocaust?

5) Olympic question: Put funda.

 6) This is a small gas flame, usually natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas, which is kept alight in order to serve as an ignition source for a more powerful gas burner. A term used in television gets its name from these because this serves as precursors to the start of larger activity. What term?

7) Identify this waterfalls, the location of a fictional fight, on the River Aar near Meiringen in the Canton of Bern in central Switzerland.

 8) #Ramayana
A monkey imitates what others do. X, a monkey in Sugriva's army, once resorted to penance, simply because it saw some sages doing so. When Lord Shiva appeared before the sages and asked them what boon they craved, the sages said they sought nothing, except the ability to worship the Lord always. Shiva granted them their wish.
Lord Shiva then asked the monkey what it wanted. X wanted to ask for something original. At this time, X saw something and wished that if he performed the same action, the result would be different.

Identify X and his wish.

This website would continue only if we get some hits and answers.


5 answers:

2. The 4 guys against whom Vishy defeated for the 5 WCC titles he won.

4. Sikh Holocaust, I remember being told about sikhs being slaughtered by KK sir.

You did always good job. Your every post really to good. I also read this type post but this is much better according to other posts. Keep it up...

1)Have elements named after them.
2)Russian chess players?
3)No idea.
4)Delhi Riots/Massacre after Indira Gandhi was assassinated.
5)No idea again.
6)Pilot? It's what the second part seems to be.
7)Reichenbach falls.
8)No idea. Again.


7 - Reichenbach falls, the location of the infamous fight between Sherlock Holmes and Moriatry

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